Construction Loan

Contrary to popular belief, Building your dream home is a possibility with a VA and FHA home loan!

There’s a level of risk in new construction that many lenders are shying away from in the wake of the housing market collapse.

However, we proudly offer the VA and FHA Construction-to-permanent loan products.

How it works...

  • Step 1: get pre-approved
  • Step 2: Sign a contract to build
  • Step 3: Sign a contract to purchase land
  • Step 4: Complete pre-construction meeting with your builder
  • Step 5: We will order the appraisal and title work
  • Step 6: Underwriting will issue a Conditional approval
  • Step 7: Underwriting will issue "Project Approval"
  • Step 8: Close your loan
  • Step 9: Your builder completes the home
  • Step 10: Construction is converted to a permanent loan and you Move in!
  • Now there are about 50 more detailed steps along the way, but these 10 steps give you the basics.

Check out our VA Constrution Loan Website:
Talk with a Construction loan expert at 330-352-4331 or 440-759-1523 about a VA construction loan.

You can also fill out the application on the website home page!